Monster Type: Eldritch
Awareness: -1
Horror Rating: -3

Cthonian is a type of monster found in the Mansions of Madness base game.


Cthonian AEdit

Damage Value: 4

Health Value: 10

Its slimy tentacles reach for you. Test Strength -1.

Pass: You escape its grasp with minor bruises. Take 1 damage.

Fail: It crushes your frail body, until your organs begin to burst. Take 5 damage.

Cthonian BEdit

Damage Value: 3

Health Value: 12

The ground falls away beneath your feet. Test Dexterity -1.

Pass: You stumble away from the hole. You are stunned.

Fail: You land on your head at the bottom of a crevasse. Take 4 damage and you are stunned.

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