These tokens represent deep, treacherous holes in the ground which are hidden or difficult to navigate. At the start of the game, the keeper randomizes the pit markers and places them damage side down in a pile near the map.

Each time an investigator, monster, or ally moves or is moved into a space containing a pit, perform the following steps:

1.  Stop Movement: The figure must end its movement in the space and cannot move further this turn for any reason.

2.  Take Damage: The player flips the marker faceup and is dealt an amount of damage equal to the number shown on it.

3.  Replace and/or Discard Marker: If the pit marker has a yellow arrow next to the damage value, the figure’s owner draws a random pit marker from the pool of unused markers and places it facedown in his space without looking at its damage value.

Regardless of whether the marker has this arrow, the figure’s owner then discards the faceup pit marker from his space. He shuffles it damage side down into the pile of unused pit markers.

Note: Flying monsters ignore pits when moving.

When an effect causes a player to place a new pit on the map, he draws a random pit marker from the pool of unused tokens and, without looking at its damage value, places it damage side down in the appropriate space. If there are 0 pit marker available in the pile of unused markers, additional pit markers cannot be placed on the map. This includes all effects, even replacing a pit marker that has a yellow arrow.

Pits are only triggered when a figure moves into the space. If a figure is placed in a pit’s space (for example, by the “Unholy Followers” Keeper Action card), or a pit is placed in a figure’s space, there is no immediate effect.

If more than one figure moves into the space at the exact same time, (for example, when using a Boat feature), each of the figures is dealt the damage listed on the back of the pit marker.

There can be a maximum of 1 pit marker in each space.